Arumi bachsin and Pesch started his career in the entertainment world with a U.S. card commercials from Telkomsel. Furthermore, the road to the film star for the artist who was once a model of beauty products and hair Elith this Miraton more wide open.

Arumi who dreams of becoming a psychologist comes into play in the soap opera early marriage, NOT Cinderella, Azizah and CHELSEA.

Artis Indo-Dutch descent Palembang try their luck in the world of film, with a play on film bestfriend in 2008.

Lovers of sports pool also includes artists who have good achievement in school. While in junior high school, he entered the junior class at Tirta Buaran acceleration. But stepping on high school, the artist of this prawn food enthusiasts choose homeschooling to anticipate a solid shooting schedule.

Arumi increasingly proving their work in the entertainment world. He expanded the world's presenter. His debut as a presenter at bringing a music show HIP HIP hurray.